Travel writers have a way of visiting a place and discovering juicy details that may not be known to the residents! Recently, travel writer, Margot Black, (@BlackInkPR on Twitter) posted about family-friendly activities in Wailea and shared some Hawaiian history as well as where to find lava pancakes! Many of the photos in the article are her own – more proof that Wailea is as fun and amazing as we know it to be, with or without the professional pics.

On our way back to the hotel we were starving and looked for somewhere to eat that would host a bedraggled, post-kayak ocean-drenched family and found a relaxed restaurant in a strip mall. It had a bunch of bikers that were meeting and eating, as well as roosters running around. We ordered giant juicy burgers and my son made eye contact with a very large chicken who was enjoying a stroll inside the restaurant. It was a delightful stop and one of those unforgettable and wonderful travel moments.

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