The Wailea Resort Association, in conjunction with the Wailea Community Association, bring continuity to this 1500-acre resort. The goal is to make sure visitors and residents enjoy all this community has to offer. It is seldom that you can find a community with six world-class hotels, internationally acclaimed shopping, three award-winning golf courses, and luxurious residential properties working together to make dreams come true.

Stroll the scenic shoreline path past our hotels, restaurants, shops, and beaches. Gaze out at the tantalizing blue ocean and imagine the canoes that first came upon these shores thousands of years ago. Wailea was a special place for those great travelers and it continues for you today as the warm sun caresses you and the waves lap at your toes. The Wailea Resort Association proudly welcomes you to share the beauty of this community that many are happy to call home.

Photo Credit Above: Four Seasons Maui
It’s easy to fall in love with Wailea: perfect weather, gorgeous beaches and some of the most spectacular resorts on the islands. But there’s so much more. The world-class dining highlights the enviable bounty from both land and sea. The shopping is world class. Pamper and splurge options, from golf to spa, are splendid. And at the heart of it all is a wonderful sense of place — an inescapable feeling that there’s magic in this enchanting corner of Maui that allows visitors to escape their routine and connect with something beautiful.
Gabe Saglie

Senior Editor/Anchor, Travelzoo