Attend a Luau in Wailea, Maui

The Wailea Beach Resort offers the beachside Te Au Moana Luau and the Grand Wailea Resort presents the spectacular Honua‘ula Luau, both featuring ono (delicious) Hawaiian foods such as kalua pig, cooked in an earthen oven (ipu), poi (taro) and haupia (coconut pudding), along with a buffet of more familiar foods. Experience Hawaiian music, a story of Maui told through hula, and even fire dancing.

Te Au Moana - Kahiko, Wailea Beach Luau


A constant among the vast generations of Hawaiian and Polynesians is the ocean tide. The tide linking all of Oceania — Te Au Moana — shares the ancestral storytelling of the people of Maui and the Pacific through lavish songs and dances. Their expert skills of fishing, gathering, gift giving, romance, and tapa making are brilliantly demonstrated here.

photo of Grand Luau at Honuaula


Honua‘ula takes us back to a time when the mighty seafaring Polynesians discovered this land of Hawaii, thereafter calling themselves Hawaiian. It touches upon the documented voyages of La‘amaikahiki and Moikeha who first came to this sacred island we call Maui, specifically this area named Honua‘ula. Hele Mai, come and enjoy the magical enchantment of Honua‘ula.