Grand Wailea’s “Fire it up!” annual barbecue event continues to earn stellar coverage! This weekend of fine eating under the stars here in Wailea, Maui is becoming a rich and tasty tradition. Many thanks to Jenn Tanaka of Coast Magazine and the OC Register for attending and sharing so many delicious, personal details. Meet the chefs, learn about the history of food on Maui, and share some of the behind the scenes details of this signature event.

The talent assembled that weekend are world renowned. International superstars and TV personalities Hubert Keller and Aarón Sanchez shared recipes with Grand Wailea’s culinary team. Justin Brunson, chef/owner of Denver, Colorado’s Old Major, cured and smoked a selection of meats for a Hawaiian charcuterie plate. The night before the big feast, Mike Lofaro, chef de cuisine at the resort’s award-winning restaurant Humuhumunukunukuapua’a hosted an intimate dinner that blew our minds.

Mark your calendar’s for this year’s event. July 19-21, 2019

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April 11 Update!
Fire it up! was also featured in Travel Weekly. You can read the story here.