Travel writers roam the globe looking for new and exciting experiences that hope to become memorable ones. Invariably, the dining adventures serve as the hub as, well, we each want to enjoy a solid three meals a day! Wailea gourmet dining earned a spot on this list of Favorite Meals of 2019:

Canada.com’s travel writers remember their favourite restaurant meals of 2019

Seated alongside such world-class restaurants as Berg Brauerei in Ehingen, Germany and Le Palais in the Palais de Chine Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan is our very own Lineage by Sheldon Simeon. Though one of our newest Wailea dining locations, it has earned repeated recognition in 2019!

As we approach the end of the year, where have you had some of your favourite meals of 2019? Hopefully some of them were part of our Restaurant Week Wailea events. If you use Instagram, be sure to tag us with #RWWailea so we can share the tasteful treats with you! And be sure to follow us @wailearesort, too.