Lea, Goddess of Canoe Builders

The Hawaiian goddess of canoe builders, was known to transform herself into the ʻelepaio bird and she would fly from the slopes and forest of Haleakala down to the coastline that we now call Wailea, translated to “Waters of Lea”. This location was known to be the gateway and resting area for our ancient voyagers. This was their first and last stop when traveling through the Kealakahiki Channel (translated to “pathway to Tahiti”), which is located between Kahoʻolawe and Lanaʻi Islands. We are honored to celebrate our voyaging culture in this historical location.

Lea Goddess

Friday, August 23


6am: Hiʻuwai Ceremony and E Ala E Polo Beach

Start your morning with cleansing in the ocean. This practice is allowing us to wash away all that no longer suits us and wash away all negativity. It allows us to come out of the water fresh with a new start, a new beginning.

E Ala E is a chant that welcomes that new beginning, a new day. All that happened yesterday can not be changed. But today we pledge to make better decisions and do what is right for our land and our people.

Hoe waa

7am: Hoe Waʻa! Come paddle with us! Polo Beach

Paddle an outrigger canoe, learn Hawaiian chants and learn the culture. First come, first serve. Waivers to be signed at check-in.

Hele mai

10am to 5pm: Hele Mai! Come join us for interactive workshops and demonstrations. Kea Lani Ballrooms

Learn how to make a lei, play ukulele, dance hula, do a haka, weave, make rope and a paddle. Thereʻs lots to learn from our cultural practitioners. They will all be here to share, teach and talk story.


11am: Makahiki Kea Lani Ballroom

What is Makahiki, how do we identify it and what are the protocols for this sacred time of the year. Meet Ikaika Nakahashi and learn about how we apply culture and protocols to our life, today.


4 pm: Determining the Weather Kea Lani Ballroom

Learn from Master Navigator and Captain Sesario Sewralur, son of Mau Pialug. Sesario has been learning to read the stars and the weather since age 4 on his home island of Satawal. He now teaches Navigating and Wayfinding at Palau Community College and runs the Micronesian Voyaging Society with the voyaging canoe Alingano Maisu. Sesario will talk about the storm stars and looking to the East to determine the upcoming weather.


6:30 pm: Star Navigating and Stargazing Polo Lawn

Learn how our Navigators look to the stars to find their way across the Pacific. Learn about the star compass and how it is used. Our stars are true maps. Learn to use this map and you will never be lost.

Saturday, August 24


7 am: Arrival of the Voyagers Polo Beach

Join us at Polo Beach as we welcome our voyagers who will be arriving on canoes. Traditional protocol will take place with the welcoming of each delegation as they arrive. Once welcomed in, they will proceed up to the ahu at the resort entrance.


10 am: What is Austronesian and the Austronesian Migration Kea Lani Ballrooms

Uroi Salii is the Deputy Secretary-General for the Austronesian Society based out of Taiwan & Palau. She will share information about the Society and share information about the Austronesian Peoples and their migration.

Pacific peoples

12noon to 5pm: Pacific Peoples; One Ocean, One `Ohana Kea Lani Ballrooms

Enjoy a day of Cultural Sharing with our ʻohana throughout the Pacific. Each delegation will share song, dance and stories from their homelands.


7 pm to 10pm: Kanikapila Pilina, Resort Lobby

Enjoy a casual evening of music at Pilina, a place of gathering. Food and Beverage is available for purchase.

Sunday, August 25


7 am Voyage around Molokini Polo Beach

In the spirit of voyaging, paddle around Molokini, Itʻs not a race! Check in is at 7am. Blessings on the beach at 7:45am before paddling out. Lunch is provided for the paddlers at the Kea Lani Ballroom,


3 pm Closing Awa Ceremony Ahu at Resort Entrance

Participants and Resort Leaders will take part in a traditional Awa Ceremony to reflect on the event. A commitment is made to continue to serve the community and perpetuate the culture.

Located at Fairmont Kea Lani Resort, Maui, Hawai’i

Located at the end of the Wailea Resort chain, just before Makena. This event is sure to have something for everyone; kama’aina and malahini (locals and visitors) alike.

The Fairmont Kea Lani Resort
4100 Wailea Alan Drive
Kihei, HI. 96753