Phoenix Magazine published an extensive and detailed article on how and why to escape to Wailea. The writer’s visit began with the possibility of rain but as he learned, “there’s more to a Hawaiian vacation than not getting wet.”

While the island’s rugged eastern half is doused with 300 inches of average rainfall a year, Wailea and other leeward towns get about 15 inches. It’s one of those wonky, heady factoids that pairs so nicely with the raw, soul-striking beauty of Hawaii, with its dizzying variety of microclimates and bipolar weather displays.

Planning Your Wailea Vacation

  • When to visit
  • Where to stay
  • How to play
  • What to eat
  • Tips outside of Wailea, while staying on Maui.

Do some planning for yourself after reading this article.
Escape to Wailea via Phoenix Magazine

Photo credit: Fairmont Kea Lani; nightly torch lighting